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We are living through a very challenging time at the moment. I completely understand your anxiety, your fear, and your trepidation around leaving your home. Perhaps you are now working from home, your kids are home from school and everything seems like it is spinning out of control. I GET IT!

We can treat clients in the following states via telehealth: New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Utah and Florida. Please contact us using the form below to arrange a FREE phone consultation to see if telehealth will be a good fit for you. To learn more about Florida’s telehealth program please click here.

And through all of this:

  • You are still having pain
  • You are still recovering from a procedure or injury
  • You are still having difficulty with everyday tasks

Let’s be honest…you still need help.

At Karen Litzy Physical Therapy we are pivoting to keep up with your needs at this time. We are happy to offer telehealth visits 7 days a week.

Our mission has always been to meet you where YOU are at…and right now that includes virtual sessions.

What does a virtual session include?

  • All virtual sessions are with a licensed physical therapist.
  • All virtual sessions include a thorough subjective exam to help us get to the root cause of your pain or problem.
  • All virtual sessions include objective movement assessments and exams.
  • All virtual sessions include patient education (depending on the diagnosis) on the science behind pain, the background on your injury or surgery, and possible prognosis for your recovery.
  • All virtual sessions include exercise and movement taught by and observed by a licensed physical therapist.
  • All virtual sessions are conducted on private and secure platform.

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