Dr. Karen Litzy
Care That Comes Home
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Karen is an extraordinary physical therapist. She has kept this aging athlete actively participating in singles tennis, rowing and swimming. I continue to be impressed with how she stays on top of the research in her field and her responsiveness.
— Alan Siegel, CEO, Siegelvision
I have had the pleasure to work with Karen as my personal fitness trainer and physical therapist for 9 years.  Karen is extremely knowledgeable about her field and rigorously continues to learn which makes her an expert on a lot of topics. I trust her implicitly on anything having to do with training and rehabilitation.  I also appreciate that she will do physical therapy in my home. For a busy person like myself,  not having to travel for P/T is such a plus! Above all, Karen is a wonderful person. She is kind, caring, patient, generous and reliable.  The combination of her expertise, convenience and stellar character make her a stand-out among trainers.
— Astrid B.
Karen is a complete professional who always showed up on time, prepared, and with exercises and questions to guide me thru a very long recovery post ankle-break and surgery. Not being very mobile, the fact that she came to my home was a godsend and definitely contributed to a faster and more complete recovery. I would and do recommend Karen - she works with you as long as needed and is a great coach who gives you the confidence to go back to the person you were pre-injury-
— Susan M.
Excellence in all aspects of her practice, Karen Litzy is professional, caring and effective. Not only did she help me recover from serious back pain, but she also taught simple techniques that I use during daily activities (e.g., working at my desk, lifting heavy boxes) to prevent recurring pain.

Bottom line: Karen will get you back in the game (or the office), feeling strong and confident post-rehab. I highly recommend Karen Litzy!!
— Jim B.