In this Whizzinator Touch review, we'll provide you with all you need to know about the famous life-like penis. What did you hear about the all-new Whizzinator? Does the Whizzinator work, as people claim?

Since former NFL professional Onterrio Smith was arrested in 2005 for possessing a prosthetic penis, the Whizzinator became a national curiosity. More about our favorite Whizzinator is worth telling – it’s essential to understand how you can maximize it.

The Whizzinator is an artificial urinating device that allows users to pass dried/synthetic urine. Most people use the Whizzinator to beat drug tests, and the results are usually very positive.

The Whizzinator Touch is super cool, and there's so much detail to hash out. Let's analyze the facts together as we understand the history, unique features, and how to use the Whizzinator. Wondering, does Whizzinator really work? 

What is a Whizzinator?

The Original Whizzinator Touch is a sterile and hygienic device created for people to pass artificial urine. Asides from being a synthetic urinating device, it’s also an adult sex toy used as a wet sex stimulator or novelty item during sexual fetish activity.

This device is so realistic in facial appeal that it folds and feels like an actual flaccid penis. To provide the full Whizzinator Touch, this realistic urinating device comes with synthetic urine, your preferred prosthetic color, heating pads for vials of urine, and an adjustable strap.

Because human urine can be infected with germs, bacteria, viruses, or even weed, the Whizzinator Touch provides a safe alternative for people to pass clean urine. Its synthetic urine is produced in an ultra-sterile lab environment and guarantees safety during use.

Using one hand, you can touch the Whizzinator's sensitive internal pinch valve to pee and control the urine flow. The Whizzinator slowly projects outward as the urine flows like a natural penis. Remember, that Whizzinator is extremely realistic, but when it comes to supervised drug tests, you should bulk it with the best detox for THC.

Whizzinator Ingredients and How it Works

The Whizzinator Synthetic urine contains the following verified ingredients:

  •     Uric acid
  •     Creatine
  •     Urea
  •     Sodium phosphate
  •     Potassium chloride
  •     Sodium chloride
  •     Distilled water

The Whizzinator Touch contains essential products, including:

  1. Two leg straps
  2. 100% cotton waistband
  3. Four heating pads to keep urine warm for 8 hours long
  4. Refillable vinyl pouch
  5. One vial of synthetic urine
  6. One cleaning syringe
  7. Whizzinator instructions pamphlet

Alternatively, the Whizz Kit (also known as the Female Whizzinator for both females and males) is a gender-neutral synthetic urine package containing:

  1. 3 ounces of synthetic urine
  2. Two heat pads
  3. Temperature Strip
  4. One elastic belt
  5. 60 ml syringe

Does Whizzinator Work?

We’ll give the Whizzinator Touch a solid 5/5 in terms of performance. High-quality synthetic urine from the Whizzinator will ultimately fool standard lab tests. Despite kink games, you may use whizzinator to pass drug test. If you’re a marijuana or cannabis lover trying to pass weed detox tests conveniently, you can use the Whizzinator for the best results. The only case when this device will not help is when you need to pass saliva test.

The challenge with getting optimum results lies in how you can successfully release the urine from the prosthetic. Since the Whizzinator is crafted like a human-like penis, you must make sure the urine comes out naturally. Doing it naturally is especially important in cases where you’re being monitored.

How to Use Whizzinator (Step-by-Step Guide)

First, you must prepare the Whizzinator Touch, attach it to your body, and use it to pass a urine drug test. Follow these simple steps of our directions to use the Whizzinator for optimal results.

Prepare the Whizzinator

  •     Ensure that the clip valve is closed before filling
  •     Follow the Whizzinator instruction for mixing synthetic urine
  •     Add about 80cc of clean water in a cup to mix the synthetic urine
  •     Fill up your syringe with the required amount of synthetic urine
  •     Remove the cap on the vinyl bag and fill it with your syringe contents
  •     Remove any air from the bag and screw the bag until its secure
  •     Open up the heating pad
  •     Attach the heating pad to the vinyl bag
  •     Ensure the heating pads are fitted to the opposite side of the temperature strip.

Wear the Whizzinator

  •     Fit the temperature strip side of the vinyl bag to your skin
  •     If your fitting is accurate, the heating pad will be on the opposite side of your skin
  •     The heating pad will secure heat in the synthetic urine at body temperature for up to 8 hours
  •     Using the adjustable straps, you can fit the Whizzinator until it’s comfortable enough

Urinate with the Whizzinator

  •     It would help if you practiced using the Whizzinator with water before you needed to use the Whizzinator.
  •     Use one hand to guide the Whizzinator as you open the clip valve.
  •     Once you open the clip valve, allow the urine to flow naturally
  •     Clean out the vinyl bag with lots of water and store it safely for future use.
  •     Don’t use soap or chemicals to clean the bag.

Manufacturer, Customer Support, Certificates

Our Whizzinator Touch products are manufactured by Alternative Lifestyle Systems Inc., one of the leading companies in California. For over 15 years, we keep providing a diverse range of synthetic urine devices like The Whizzinator, The Whizz Kit, The Lil Whizz, The Clean Kit, and Golden Shower.

Your Whizzinator kits carry a 14-day return policy as long as it remains unused and in perfect shape. You can contact us on 888-895-7016 or email us at for more inquiries on our Whizzinator products and urine kits.

Where to Buy Whizzinator Near Me

You can also order your Whizzinator from e-commerce stores like Amazon, Walmart, or GNC.

Be careful when you order online, so you don't fall for cheap and inferior products on the market. These products won't offer the same results as the authentic Whizzinator.

Pros and Cons of Whizzinator Touch

Our authentic Whizzinator Touch has the following features:


  •     Kit is reusable
  •     Come in several shades of penis colors
  •     Urine is entirely realistic and high-quality
  •     Can pass basic drug tests
  •     Popularly used


  •     Expensive
  •     Illegal in some states
  •     Needs to keep making synthetic urine refills

Frequently Asked Questions on Whizzinator

Here are answers to some of the questions people ask about the Whizzinator. You may have thought about some of them too.

Does the Whizzinator help to pass a supervised urine drug test?

Yes, the Whizzinator Touch can help you pass a supervised urine drug test. In fact, the Whizzinator Touch gives the best results for monitored tests because it looks like a real-life penis.

Can the Whizzinator be detectable in laboratory urine tests?

The synthetic urine from the Whizzinator can pass undetected in cases of standard urine tests. For many cases, the Whizzinator is undetectable until you’re trying to run through a federal or law enforcement mandatory test. It may also not work for more advanced tests.

Does Whizzinator Touch work for opiates and alcohol?

The Whizzinator can help you subvert tests for alcohol and opiates in your systems even though it was not created for that. For a supervised drug test, you can use an artificial urine kit taped to convince others to detox or cleanse your system.

How can I achieve the right temperature for the urine without a microwave?

Strap the heating pad to your urine according to the Whizzinator instructions on your pamphlet. Do this until the temperature strip clocks green or the appropriate temperature you need.

How do I start/stop the flow of synthetic urine from my Whizzinator?

The Whizzinator provides a discrete on/off valve that helps you regulate urine flow. Twist towards the direction for on, and move in the opposite direction to turn it off. Use only one hand to start and end the flow of synthetic urine. It’s very realistic, and that’s what makes the Whizzinator unique.

How long does it last?

The Whizzinator synthetic urine can last up to 8 hours without heating pads. The vial of synthetic urine can last up to 1 year without use.

Can I refill the Whizzinator?

Of course, the Whizzinator is a refillable product. That’s why it’s highly recommended that you use the cleaning syringe to sanitize the Whizzinator after use. You can purchase synthetic urine refills to replace the urine bag.

What is synthetic urine?

Synthetic urine is a combo of chemical compounds synthetically developed in a sterile lab to look like human urine. In basic drug tests, synthetic urine from the Whizzinator can get a pass. The Whizzinator has a clip valve to help people regulate the urine flow from the device.

Is it right to use the Whizzinator Touch to pass a drug test?

Using the Whizzinator to pass a drug test is illegal in some states and punishable by law. You can get caught while attempting to use the Whizzinator to pass THC detox tests. True, some people fill the storage unit with artificial or fake urine to defeat drug tests, but wrong results can land you in trouble with law enforcement.


Everything you need to know about the famous Whizzinator Touch everyone’s been talking about. This artificial urination device is designed to stimulate pleasure during wet sex activity, even though people use the Whizzinator for THC detox with high success rates.

Although there are alternative ways to scale your urinalysis, detoxifying, and other lab tests, the Whizzinator Synthetic urine is a quick remedy. A little surprise, this device is commonly used by marijuana users to provide fake pee for tests.

It looks exactly like a life-size penis, and you can even use it under close observation. Make sure you confirm if your state has laws prohibiting the Whizzinator before you use the product.



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