TV Rendel - fistball at the gates of Frankfurt

TV Rendel is 125 years old - the fistball department of the club has been convincing with good youth and club work for decades.

Rendel is a district of Karben (Wetteraukreis, Hesse) in the catchment area of Frankfurt am Main with about 2200 inhabitants. The TV 1897 Rendel e.V., which celebrates its 125th anniversary this year, is an integral part of this cityscape. The fistball department, founded in 1958, also had a strong influence on the club. Today, it is unimaginable that the sporting beginnings were made due to a lack of sports facilities in the hall of the then clubhouse Rendler Hof and a leveled football field. Nevertheless, the department gained a foothold in Rendel and was able to report its first successful participations in district and state championships in the early years. With the construction of a Rendel sports field and a small sports hall, a continuous training operation became possible, whereby the first step from recreational sport to performance-oriented play took place.


A decisive person responsible for this development was, among others, Karl Brösamle (former state game director of the Hessian Gymnastics Association), who helped to establish fistball in Rendel as a pioneer, reported

During the state gymnastics festival in 1970, the TVR achieved the supra-regional breakthrough and the male youth won the first Hesse championship title of the department. In the following years, this first championship was joined by further Hesse championship titles in all age groups, as well as Southwest German championship titles and numerous participations in German championships in the youth classes. But also in the adult area fistball developed positively in the 70s in Rendel and with the promotion to the regional league southwest the beginning of a 15-year second league affiliation was laid.

With the completion of the large sports hall in Petterweil in 1976, the desire for a training facility and for the game operation approved hall in Karben came true. Today the hall is still the home of the fistball players of TV Rendel.

After the victory in the relegation round in 1982, the promotion to the second highest German league was also realized in the hall, where the Karben newcomer finally established itself with the third place in the league. In addition, the second men's team in the hall 85/86 also realized the promotion to the regional league, so that from then on two Rendler teams were active in the second highest German division. The highlight of this successful time was the 1987 season with the promotion games to the 1st Bundesliga, even if the promotion was missed.

The Rendler women's team had a similar success, qualifying for promotion to the 1st Bundesliga for the first time in 1985. The team also participated frequently in the relagation tournament in the following years, but could not realize the big goal.

The last highlight of the 1980s was the 3rd place in the age group of M30 at the German championship in 1989, the best placement of TV Rendel at a German championship until today.

The 1990s were then marked by the revival of youth and sporting success in the national leagues.

Through the traditional May tournament of TV Rendel, which achieved new record participation in the mid-1990s with 34 youth teams, new children found their way to fistball in Rendel again and again.

The sporting highlights, however, were set by the ladies with their return to the 2nd Bundesliga in 1994 and the M40 with the organization of the German championship on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the club in 1997. As a fitting gift for the anniversary, the starting shot was fired in 1997 for the opening of the TV Rendel fistball court, which together with the independently built clubhouse has been the home of the fistball players at TVR to this day.

Following on from the previous decade, a number of Hessian championships were also celebrated here in the 2000s. However, the great national successes were initially absent, before the Rendel ladies 2010 again managed to jump into the 2nd Bundesliga and directly marched through into the 1st Bundesliga. With the relegation in 2012, however, the surprising but joyful adventure in the 1st Bundesliga already ended after the first season.

In addition to the women, the men also returned to the 2nd Bundesliga after more than 20 years in 2014 at the promotion games hosted at the Rendler Faustballplatz. In addition, several Hesse championships in almost all age groups as well as several participations in German championships were also won in the 2010s.

In 2020, TV Rendel also hosted a DFBL coaching course with 20 participants from all over Germany, which was remembered by all participants for its hospitality and nice atmosphere.

Also in 2020, the club was nominated for the IFA Activity Award for its fistball advent calendar and TV Rendel is also active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and soon YouTube. Regular reports on its own website and in local media also ensure increased attention for fistball in Karben.

The club can also boast that the former women's national coach Elke Rüther-Weigand has established fistball in Karben's school sports (currently the TVR offers a school club in fistball) and has also worked as a coach at the club.

Also in the anniversary year 2022 the responsible persons of the TV Rendel plan again the traditional May tournament on 01 May, which is carried out now for the 45th time.


As before, the constant work with young talent forms the cornerstone for the Rendel fistballers, so that for the 125th anniversary, 12 teams will be in play for TV 1897 Rendel in the 2022 field season.

But the likeable club from Hesse also already has ideas for the rest of the year: "We want to further develop our youth and adult areas. To this end, we are planning an everyman tournament in August, numerous tournament visits at home and abroad, a school club at another school and also livestreams of our teams," explains department head Janni Tille.

Despite all the successes so far, TV Rendel attaches a lot of importance to togetherness in the sport - this includes joint events such as public viewing, barbecues, tournaments and betting rounds. "For us, fistball is friendship, cohesion, home, mutual support and trust. Everyone belongs, everyone can, may and should participate. Or more appropriately, playing fistball means being part of our family!" is how Janni Tille describes his club's great attitude towards its own sport.

The club has already been active for 125 years, but we can't wait to see what the next few years will bring. TV Rendel - a strong fistball club on and off the court!


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