Mental illness is an acute topic that needs attention. There are many films that cover this problem. Some of them will be written about in this top.

Top 5 movies about people with mental illness on Soap2Day

The Fisher King

The film is based on one of the legends of King Arthur. The film centers on two men suffering from mental illness, Jack and Parry. Jack is a famous radio host on his talk show. He has a great sense of humor and often uses sarcasm in his speech.

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But these qualities have played a cruel trick on him. Accustomed to the fact that listeners take Jack's words with humor, he suggests one of them to arrange a shooting in the cafe, which he did.

After the incident, Jack quits his job and sinks into depression. At the same time he meets Parry, whose life is also ruined. Together they set out in search of the Holy Grail.

Forrest Gump

A famous motion picture about a man with an intellectual disability. Forrest Gump has a serious leg disease, because of which he has problems with movement.

Despite his clumsiness and ineptitude, Forrest is able to focus on small details and do everything strictly according to instructions.

Another interesting character in the film is Jenny, Forrest Gump's lover. She suffers from borderline and bipolar disorder and depression. Unable to say goodbye to the problems of her past, Jenny becomes severely addicted, which is not surprising.


After surviving an attack on himself and his wife, protagonist Leonard Shelby sets out to find the killer. Leonard has asterograde amnesia - he can't remember anything from the tragedy that occurred. In order to find the killer, he writes down everything: names, events. He even has to get tattoos with important information. But, unfortunately, it doesn't help him in any way.

One mistake can be noticed in the film. That mistake is that people with this disorder don't remember the moment when they were injured. In Leonard's case it is a little different: He remembers the attempt on his life and the murder of his wife, but he can't remember the person who did it.

Fight Club

The main character's name is unknown, he is a quiet man and suffers from insomnia.

Somehow, while flying on a plane, he bumps into Tyler, a noisy and outgoing soap salesman. Tyler believes that there is only one goal in life, and that goal is self-destruction.

The fact that the protagonist's name is unknown provides a major clue. He suffers from dissociative identity disorder. This means that a person can have more than one personality, all with their own character. The main character is unable to control his personalities, which makes him unable to live a normal life.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

At the center of the motion picture is Mac, a perfectly healthy man, as it seems at first glance. But why is he hiding his illness?

Mack, while in a mental institution, does a good job of playing the part of a healthy person in order to avoid going to prison. Other patients also try to hide all signs of mental illness, but it is very difficult. The main problem highlighted in the film is the inhumane treatment of the patients.


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