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Online games have become very popular in French-speaking countries. In Switzerland, before the 2019 law, online gambling was not allowed. Nevertheless, the government has decided to offer Internet users the possibility of playing online. How can we know if the platform is approved and avoid scam sites?

Know the certifications

Since January 1, 2019, Swiss casinos have been authorized to open online gaming platforms. Play only in verified sites, such as, This provision was made with the aim of limiting the risks associated with dependency. Indeed, excessive gambling can lead to addiction and psychological disorders. Moreover, betting money promotes indebtedness and a vicious circle can be set up. The operating concessions were issued last summer and the sites approved by the CFMJ are the subject of official lists. The regulation of the sites makes it possible to control the conformity of the rules, especially concerning games of chance.

Before the law, was it possible to gamble online?

Playing online on platforms such as online casino was indeed possible before the law which authorizes certain gambling platforms. Most of the time, these are foreign and French-speaking sites. This is why the CFMJ preferred to legalize the sites because it is possible to verify their compliance and to launch prevention campaigns against the risks associated with gambling.

To avoid scams, beware of automated games of chance

One of the ways to determine if a site is reliable is to check if there are any live dealers. Indeed, in this case, scams are unlikely. On the other hand, when the games are fully automated, it is easier for the sites to break the rules and the player is not certain that the chance is really applied.

What you need to know when playing gambling is that even slot machines in physical casinos have algorithms. These are created in such a way that the machines never give out more coins than they win. As a result, gambling houses always win. Thus, when playing table games, you cannot be sure that unscrupulous sites do not apply systems that go against the rules.

Use comparators and word of mouth

To find reliable sites, you can find the lists of Swiss platforms approved by the State. Otherwise, there are comparators that include comments and opinions that could be useful to you. Also, word of mouth can be a reliable source for choosing an online gaming site.


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