Dr. Kenny Venere, PT, DPT

Dr. Kenny Venere, PT, DPT

In my career as a physical therapist, I have been fortunate enough to work in some diverse and illuminating settings. During my schooling at Northeastern University, I spent time working in premier hospitals for spinal cord injury rehab, pediatric burn care, as well as neurological and oncology care in the city of Boston. I continued working in pediatric burn care while also working in an outpatient orthopedic clinic before moving to Salt Lake City, Utah and beginning full-time work as a home health physical therapist with Intermountain Homecare and Hospice.

My work with Intermountain proved to be formative in my career. I was able to work with a remarkably diverse group of people across a lifespan of 2 years of age to 101, who were recovering from a wide range of conditions and issues such as early postoperative recovery (ex. knee replacement, hip replacement, cancer surgery, general surgery, cardiac surgery), to cancer, falls, trauma, stroke, heart/lung disease, end of life care, and most anything else under the sun. The common denominator of what made this work so rewarding was to be able to work one on one with a person and their families (and pets too!), in their home, on their time.

This type of one to one home visits provides one of the last bastions of healthcare unencumbered by unrealistic productivity and allows for truly patient-centered care. Joining Karen in her practice in New York City was a logical next step for me personally and professionally. Being a New England native with a passion for homecare and professional engagement outside of just clinical practice, having the opportunity to be closer to family and work in a practice with the values Karen has built was the best of both worlds.

Along the way, I have had the chance to engage in some remarkable opportunities outside of strictly clinical care. I have presented nationally at the American Physical Therapy Associations’ Combined Sections Meeting, been an invited guest on several rehab podcasts, as a student I traveled abroad to Ecuador with a mentor, Lorna Hayward, and a group of classmates to continue Lorna’s work to develop sustainable rehabilitation services in an orphanage in Quito and Latacunga for children with neurological and developmental disabilities, 

I have published in several physical therapy journals and PT in Motion, and am currently working as part of a team conducting a systematic review on how conflict of interest impacts the results of physical therapy research. In addition, I created Physiological, a blog with the goals of improving scientific literacy, critical thinking, understanding of evidence-based practice, and clinical decision making in physical therapy.

Outside of my life as a physical therapist, I am a passionate coffee drinker, New England Patriots fan, and still have regrets over selling my mountain bike when moving from Salt Lake City to New York.

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