Help your patients…and yourself.

As a physical therapist, are you hitting a wall and feeling limited in your work?

You became a Physical Therapist so you could help people.

We all had…

  • Dreams and visions for our careers
  • Goals we wanted to achieve
  • Life altering experiences that led us to physical therapy

No matter how you got here, at some point, we all get to this place…

  • “I don’t care if I make less.”
  • “I don’t care if I get less respect.”
  • “I want to help people when no one else can.”
Have you heard yourself say these words before?

The thing is…

  • Being a PT is about love over money.
  • It’s about helping other people.
  • And, it’s about putting the satisfaction of your patients above your own.
What if you could be that PT that helped your patients AND earned more?

But, right now you feel like:

  • You are being held back by restrictions put in place by health systems and large practices?
  • You can’t treat your patients the way you know they deserve?
  • You don’t have control over your treatments so you know patients are ALWAYS treated right, no matter how long it takes?
  • You are on the verge of burnout from seeing so many patients per day?
  • You are putting in so much work but not seeing the paycheck you need?
And what if you could do all this and earn the paycheck you know deep down you richly deserve?

As PTs, we help our patients with what others in the medical field may consider daunting odds.

We know better…

What if it was possible to have the best of both worlds….IT IS.
Introducing the …

A comprehensive coaching program that details exactly what to do to build a thriving Cash-Based Physical Therapy Practice…all your own. Whether you want to start a “side hustle” or go all in!

Hi. I’m Dr. Karen Litzy, PT, DPT

I’m a physical therapist…
And, I’m an entrepreneur.

Ten years ago I found a better way to give my patients the treatment time they deserved.

At the same time, I found greater freedom in both my work and personal life.

How’d that happen? I launched my own private pay concierge practice in the heart of New York City!

It’s been incredibly fulfilling, but it wasn’t easy. Which is why my mission is to give you all of the tools I wish I had!

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Perhaps my thoughts back then sound familiar to you right now:
  • I’m not sure I’m ready for this.
  • It’s going to take me too long.
  • Where should I start?
  • Do I have the time and know how for this?
  • How am I going to get patients?
  • I really don’t feel comfortable putting myself out there.
  • There’s so much I don’t know.
  • I don’t even know what I don’t know!
  • Isn’t there a ton of legal stuff I need to know?
  • Maybe I should do this next year instead…
  • What if it doesn’t work?
 I felt all those things.

At the same time I couldn’t continue seeing 14+ patients per day.

Deep down, I just knew. I was ready for a change.

 Do you find yourself wanting more freedom…

  • Freedom of practice…
  • Freedom from the daily grind.
  • Freedom from burnout.

While it doesn’t happen without work, the process to go from where you are today to where you could be doesn’t have to be as elusive as it feels. Which is why I created the…..

This is for you if you are…

  • Ready to make the commitment to yourself, clients, and communities to create something special.
  • Ready to put in the time and resources to create a business that is uniquely you!
  • Looking for all the business resources in one place so you don’t have to waste your time Googling everything.
  • Need accountability so you get sh*t done.
  • Ready to become a physical therapy entrepreneur in the cash based or private pay physical therapy world.

It’s finally here!!

A comprehensive coaching program that details exactly what to do to build a thriving cash-based Physical Therapy Practice…all your own.
The Simply Business Coaching Program is a one-on-one four program designed to meet your goals and start your cash-based practice.

What does the program include?

One 2 hour onboarding call in order to:

  • Have a better understanding of your mindset
  • Map out your four-month journey in the program
  • Get to know you and your dreams for your life and business
  • Kick start the program with projects just for you

One 60-90 minute one-on-one call per month for four months in order to:

  • Get clear on your vision and goals
  • Create your business playbook
  • Be your accountability coach
  • Get the answers to your individual questions as we go

Two group calls per month for four months in order to:

  • Brainstorm answers to your questions from the group
  • Create a deeper sense of community among the group
  • Work through hot seats and case studies
  • Learn from special guests in business and therapy

The six modules from the Strictly Business Mastermind program as outlined below:

Creating Your Brand Vision

  • The critical step to create your brand vision that you will use for all of your messaging.
  • How to attract the right patents to your practice
  • The mindset that sets those who succeed apart from those who don’t

Successful Systems

  • The right way to set up systems that keep your practice humming
  • How to pick the right payment system, EMR, and insurance
  • Measurements and KPIs to put in place to keep your business on track
  • Special bonus: setting up telehealth w/ Dr. Mark Milligan

The Legal Side of Business (featuring Erin Jackson, JD)

  • How to know what type of business to create
  • The must-have paperwork to complete before you launch
  • Direct guidance from an experienced healthcare attorney

Websites that Work (featuring Rajam Roose)

  • The right design and structure for your website based on experience
  • Detailed guidance on SEO: what it is, what it does, and how to make it work for your practice
  • The exact steps to take when technical isn’t your thing.

Relationship Building

  • Three key steps to build great business relationships
  • How to market yourself without feeling slimy
  • The right marketing strategy for your practice

PR for PTs

  • Why media coverage is your long-lost friend
  • How to engage the media without knowing a thing
  • The quickest way to get media coverage

And YES! There are BONUSES!

  • Free Facebook community for peer-to-peer networking and expert support
  • An exclusive membership site
    • This includes six guest expert interviews!
  • Checklist: Action words to make your brand and messaging come alive from marketing genius Zach Messler
  • What gets measured gets done: Get the backend measurements that have propelled PT Michelle Collie’s clinics to success
  • Lifetime membership to the program. This means if I add to the program in the next round you get all those juicy additions for free for life!


As a PT, I want to help. It’s in my blood. I know this works…because I’ve done it! But hey….you may not know me. So here’s what others have to say!

“Karen Litzy was one of the first cash-based private practice owners I discovered when I was searching for guidance on how to open Invigorate. At that time, cash-based practices were incredibly rare so I soaked up everything Karen put out there and tried to put it all together in a way that made sense. If this course had been out there when I first started, it would have saved a ton of energy, frustration, and time. Karen’s been incredibly helpful and supportive while I’ve grown my practice and I have no doubt she’ll be just as invested in yours!”

Sarah Grafelman King, PT, DPT

Owner, Invigorate Physical Therapy and Wellness

"When I was first founding my private practice in New York City, I didn't know where to start, but I knew exactly who to ask. Karen Litzy has been paving the way in private practice for years, and after attending her inaugural Women In PT Summit, I reached out for some tips on getting started. Karen generously set up a phone call and walked me through the details and timeline of starting my own company, including sharing her business contacts with me. She has helped me promote my business and continues to be a leader and mentor to me and so many others. I would have been lost without her guidance.”

Dr. Abby Bales, PT, DPT, CSCS

Founder, Reform Physical Therapy, NYC

In four months, where will you be?

Look, I get it. Going off on your own is scary. 

And, when you have something in front of you that’s scary, what happens? You put it off. “I’ll get to it later,” you say. Then you blink and six months have passed. 

Trust me. It doesn’t get easier in six months. I know because this is what happened to me! Before I launched my own PT practice 10 years ago, I had spent years wanting to do it.

But, here’s the thing. Every day you put it off…

  • It’s another day seeing 10, 15, 20 patients.
  • It’s another day not being able to give patients the time they deserve.
  • It’s another day further from being paid what you deserve. 

And, from my own experience I know it’s actually more than that. Once you make the commitment to yourself…once you take action and just start…the momentum carries you.

I started something special and created a practice—and a life—that I love.

 Was it easy? No.

 That’s why I created the Strictly Business Coaching Program…so PTs can blaze their own path and avoid the struggles I faced along my own journey.

 As a physical therapist, you already help people when no one else can…

Isn’t it time you helped yourself, too?

The Strictly Business Coaching Program is open for enrollment.

In four months, would you rather be where you are now? Or on the path to your own successful practice? The choice is yours.

Here’s what you get!

  • One 2-hour onboarding call at the start of the program.
  • One 60-90 minute one-on-one call per month for four months.
  • Two group calls per month for four months.
  • The Strictly Business Coaching Program includes all of the following core coursework:

Module One: Creating Your Brand Vision

Unpack what you want to be known for and learn how to apply it to your practice.

Module Two: Successful Systems

Your systems run your business. Learn the right systems and measurements to have in place from the start.

Module Three: The Legal Side of Business

(featuring Erin Jackson, JD of Jackson LLP)

Learn the legal ins, outs, and avoids directly from a seasoned healthcare attorney.

Module Four: Websites that Work (featuring SEO expert, Rajam Roose)

Practical, hands-on guidance so you can easily build a website that attracts your ideal patients

Module Five: Relationship Building

Learn how to create long lasting relationships with your community (both in real life and virtual) without sounding salesy. Why? To enable a healthy referral base!

Module Six: PR for PTs

Get the word out. Know exactly how to pitch your business, skills, and knowledge to various outlets, including major print media, TV, popular online blogs and websites, individual writers and journalists, and more…


  • Free Facebook community for peer-to-peer networking and expert support
  • An exclusive membership site
  • Checklist: Action words to make your brand and messaging come alive from marketing genius Zach Messler
  • What gets measured gets done: Get the backend measurements that have propelled PT Michelle Collie’s clinics to success
  • Lifetime membership to the program. This means if I add to the program in the next round you get all those juicy additions for free for life!

Get started creating your own practice now!

Four months from now you could be seeing 15 patients a day and on the brink of burnout… 
Or, you could be down the path to truly helping more people on your own terms.

Try The Strictly Business Private Practice Coaching Program for a Full 14 Days, 100% Risk-Free.

I am confident this mastermind can help you launch your own private-pay physical therapy practice…so much so that you can try out the mastermind without worry.

Take the course. Do the work. Show up for the calls. If after 14 days, you don’t see the value, I’ll refund your money…no questions asked. But you have to put in the work and show that you have done the work. Meaning you have to show that you have gone through the modules up to that point, filled out the worksheets and answered the module quizes.

Do you have questions?

Let’s hop on a call and get them answered!

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