If you want to move on to your first interview, don’t miss the following guide to help you understand what employers and recruiters are looking for in your resume. For a more detailed and professional resume, you may want to consult the experts the best resume writing services online, always unmistakably take your resume to a higher level.

Experience, Roles and Responsibilities

Every job offer is unique, so be sure to tailor your resume to each position you apply for.

Be sure to include all relevant skills acquired and required in your previous positions. Your skills will complement your experience, and should ultimately illustrate your ability to perform the job offered.

Results and accomplishments

Hiring managers like to see results. For example, if you, as a sales manager, managed to exceed your goals, feel free to state them in terms of numbers, percentages or results.


Take time to highlight your academic achievements in addition to other courses or majors you have taken, especially if they are important to the position you are applying for. This also includes internships, hobbies, and seminars.

Once you’ve managed to highlight the points outlined above, your resume should look, feel, and read easily and naturally. To do this, consider the following tips:

Easy to read

The design of your resume should be clear, short and consistent. We recommend using a single font and instead of writing complex sentences, use markers to list your skills, accomplishments, responsibilities, etc.

Be Consistent

Start your resume with your most recent work experience. On the other hand, be consistent in the relationship that exists between your duties and accomplishments.

Appropriate language

The tone and style of communication should be appropriate for the industry in which you work. Re-reading the job description will give you a better understanding of the language you can use. Use recognizable keywords and avoid redundant adjectives and verbs.


Make sure your resume is available in a format that the recipient can easily open. No hiring manager wants to download software to view a resume.

Finally, keep in mind that despite having all the desired skills and experience to succeed in a position, if you don’t state them clearly on your resume, you may lose the opportunity to get your dream job.



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