If you win something while playing, you don't want to wait forever for your money. Our overview of fast withdrawals casinos offers:

  • The providers where you don't have to wait long
  • Withdrawals with no fees
  • Safe and reliable transactions
  • Tips for a faster payout

What is a fast payout online casino?

Anyone who has been gambling on the Internet for a while has certainly already gone through a streak of bad luck or two. But you have probably already made a substantial profit.

The adrenaline rises to a high level in this case, but in some casinos the nasty surprise follows: withdrawing the credit can take a long time. Have you waited several days for your gambling winnings to be paid out? You are not alone in this.

We explain what the different payout times are all about, how they come about and tell you where you can get your money faster.

How long can a withdrawal take?

Every player who is excitedly waiting for his credit has already asked himself this question: How long can a withdrawal at the casino take? Will my withdrawal request be processed today or do I have to be put off until tomorrow?

Maybe there is a problem or is the casino even running a stalling tactic? Could I already have my money in the bank account and the provider just goes wrong? Have you just forgotten my payout? Most gambling providers have a FAQ section on the website on this subject. There it is usually noted that withdrawals are made within 24 hours or 48 hours.

However, these are often only guidelines and the casino emphasizes that there are no guarantees for the duration. With most providers, many withdrawals are processed within a few hours, often within 5 hours. Our rule of thumb is: If a withdrawal request has not been processed after 1.5 days, then that is not acceptable. Good service looks different.

The stages of payment

If we take a closer look, then we can split up the withdrawal process. A two-step process goes through from the withdrawal request to the time the money is credited to our private account:

Processing of the withdrawal request

If we want to withdraw the winnings, we first submit a withdrawal request in the cashier area of ​​the online casino. This is then on hold until someone from the finance department processes it.

As soon as the withdrawal has been processed, we will receive a notification and we can also see in the checkout area that the money has been transferred.

The transaction

The transaction itself can then take a while, depending on the payment method. As a player, you get nervous quickly if you can't see the credit yet.

  • Payment methods where the money is posted very quickly or even instantly include:
  • E-wallets like Skrill, Neteller and EcoPayz
  • Online banking via Trustly or Rapid Transfer

The MuchBetter app

Payment methods where the money can still be on the way for days are, however:

  • Traditional bank transfer
  • Card payment

It should be noted that the casinos usually require the payment to be made to the account with which the player account was previously charged.

Of course, there are also deposit methods that cannot be used to withdraw. In this case you have to choose an alternative option to withdraw.


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