Do I have to wear a jacket and tie in Las Vegas casinos? How much tips do you give in German casinos? Can I bring my dog ​​with me? Before visiting a casino for the first time, you should be familiar with some of the rules that apply there, which are not the same in every country. We have put together the most important ones for you. 

House rules in casinos – 10 important rules

Casinos all over the world often have a particularly stylish and glamorous image, which should also be preserved by the guests. If you don’t want to attract negative attention, you should have heard of terms such as house rules and tips and know what behavior is desirable in a casino.

With the following 10 points you can prepare for your first visit to a casino in Germany or other countries and, for example, plan your outfit according to the desired dress code.

  1. Entrance to the casino – age restriction
  2. Dress code – How should you dress in the casino?
  3. Are cell phones allowed?
  4. Can I take photos and videos?
  5. Eating and drinking in the casino
  6. Can you bring animals into the casino?
  7. Can you take bags with you to the casino?
  8. Casino Etiquette – How should you behave at the gaming table?
  9. Tipping – what is common?
  10. Casino Games – Should You Know The Rules By Now?

Entry to the casino – age restriction

In Germany, the minimum age for admission to casinos is regulated separately in the federal states . Apart from Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, where entry into casinos is only possible from the age of 21, the permit is valid from the age of 18.

Other countries in which admission to casinos is basically allowed from the age of 18 are, for example, Great Britain, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and France. In Sweden the minimum age is 20 years, otherwise the limit is usually 21 years worldwide .

If you travel to Malta, you are allowed to visit casinos from the age of 18. Locals have to be 25 years old to be granted entry to the Maltese casinos.

In the best case scenario, to be on the safe side, find out more directly from the casino you would like to visit beforehand.

Dress code – How should you dress in the casino?

The preferred dress code is very similar in casinos around the world. During the day you can enter casinos in normal but decent everyday clothing, but not necessarily in a sports or beach outfit. In the evening, in Italy for example set at 7.30 p.m., it should be glamorous.

Basically, it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed.

You can really dress up on an evening in a luxurious casino. For women there are chic dresses or trouser suits, men are welcome with a shirt, tie and jacket. This is not compulsory in every casino, it is best to find out about the specific dress code you want beforehand.

Spontaneous gentlemen can even borrow jackets in many casinos in order to be appropriately dressed. In some casinos it is allowed to wear a decent pair of jeans.

Here are a few tips for your perfect casino outfit:

  • Dress timelessly. For the ladies it doesn’t have to be a ball gown in the princess fairy style. You can’t go wrong with simple, elegant dresses, blouses, skirts or trouser suits in subtle colors.
  • Not too much skin. Men in particular should be careful not to dress too revealingly. The shoes should definitely be closed, flip flops or sandals will probably not let you in in most casinos.
  • Accessories and the hairstyle complete the outfit. High heels, a chic handbag, pinned up hair or jewelry such as earrings and necklaces complete the glamorous picture.

Are cell phones allowed?

In German casinos, the use of mobile phones or other electronic devices such as pocket calculators, which could serve as aids, is prohibited. This rule is laid down in the house rules, so you can be expelled from the building if you break it.

In the casinos in Monte Carlo, Monaco, on the other hand, cell phones are not allowed to be brought into the gaming rooms.

In Las Vegas casinos, on the other hand, the rules are not strictly set. Basically it is allowed to use the cell phone to write messages, for example. Nevertheless, in the interests of politeness, you should refrain from doing this , because it is not at all welcomed when you use the telephone at the gaming table.

Can I take photos and videos?

In most casinos in Germany and internationally, it is not allowed to take photos in the gaming rooms . Either this is completely forbidden, as for example in Monaco, or at least seen very reluctantly. Exceptions may be made in consultation with the casino management.

However, some casinos now have their own views. For example, some casinos in Las Vegas welcome taking selfies and sharing them on social networks. There the guests are even encouraged to do so.

But even with permission, stay on the safe side if you do not take photos in casinos. As soon as there are other people in the pictures and you publish them, problems could arise due to the applicable data protection regulations.

Eating and drinking in the casino

When it comes to eating, you will experience very similar habits in different countries. As you can imagine, it is unusual to eat at the gaming table because there is no space for a generous dinner plate and when playing card games you don’t have your hands free for finger food snacks.

However, there is plenty of food and drink available in casinos. Many of the providers have a bar or even a restaurant under the same roof and also offer a varied selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

When it comes to alcohol, there are also hardly any differences around the world. Basically, you are allowed to enjoy alcoholic beverages, but you should keep your consumption under control while you are in the casino so that you can always behave appropriately and decently. In Monte Carlo, for example, drunk people are not even allowed in.

Can I bring animals into the casino?

The house rules of most casinos state that animals are not allowed in the gaming rooms . This is the common rule in Germany, Italy and Macau, among others.

Las Vegas is more open to animals. A special exception is made in casinos for service dogs . If your dog has been specially trained, for example as an assistance dog, he can accompany you everywhere, including the game rooms. This is even stipulated by law for people with disabilities.  

Dogs and cats are now very welcome in many Las Vegas hotels and there are services for pet owners. For example, the MGM Resorts Hotel on the Vegas Strip has set up an extensive program for dogs , which even includes its own menus, wellness offers and veterinary care.

Can I take bags with me to the casino?

You can take your luggage with you at casinos in Las Vegas. It is not uncommon for backpackers and travelers to be on the Las Vegas Strip and therefore have their large backpacks with them. As a rule, however, it is probably more convenient for you to leave your luggage in the cloakroom for your personal stay.

In Germany and other European casinos such as Italy, the house rules of the casinos stipulate that you are not allowed to bring large bags into the gaming rooms . If you have to bring backpacks or suitcases with you, you have to leave them at the cloakroom.

In the casino stronghold of Macau, luggage is also not allowed in the gaming rooms. In complexes like the Venetian Macau , note that bag storage is free for hotel guests only. You can store luggage there for 10 Macau patacas, which is just over one euro for 24 hours.

Casino Etiquette – How should you behave at the gaming table?

Courtesy is a given in casinos around the world. Always behave appropriately towards your fellow players and the casino staff. In general, value is also placed on rather discreet behavior. It is generally considered inappropriate to be particularly emotional when it comes to both wins and losses.

This means that you should try to control yourself and not express your frustration vociferously, but neither should you cheer about wins, as this is considered to be disrespectful and also distracts other players in the room. It is best to meet the happenings in the casino in a calm and dignified manner .

Tipping – What is the common practice?

Tipping is part of the usual etiquette, at least we are used to it in this country. In the German casinos it is common to give the 35th part of a profit in the so-called Tronc. This is distributed regularly to all employees of the casino. The following practices are common in other countries:

  • Las Vegas Casinos : Here, too, it is a good idea not to skimp on tips. You should be happy to jump between $ 5 and $ 10 for the casino staff. Waiters and housekeeping staff shouldn’t be forgotten either.
  • Macau Casinos : Tipping is not a cultural practice in China. Accordingly, it is not expected from foreign tourists, but it is accepted.
  • Casinos in Great Britain : In UK casinos the procedure is the same as in Germany, namely that the tip is given in the Tronc. However, it is not as common as in this country or in America, especially since it was still illegal until the early 2000s.
  • Casinos in Europe : In general, tipping is not compulsory in European casinos, in some countries, for example Spain and Monaco, it is even extremely infrequent. If you are prepared to tip between 5% and 10%, you will not be considered impolite.
  • Casinos in Australia : In Australia, it is even illegal for casino employees to accept tips. If you still want to reward the good service, you can do so with small gifts, for example chocolate. This will certainly be received positively, but by no means expected.

As a general rule, you only need to give part of it as a tip if you win. But if you come away completely empty-handed, nowhere is that expected of you.

Casino Games – Should You Know The Rules By Now?

Of course, you don’t have to be a professional player, especially not on your first visit to a casino. The croupiers will of course also explain the rules to you if you wish. However, you should be better acquainted with the basics of blackjack , poker , roulette and the like when you take a seat at one of the gaming tables.

Because of course the whole process would be stopped if all the rules had to be explained in detail first. It would be much more pleasant to be able to start the game right away. In addition, it is certainly in your own interest not to reveal yourself as a completely inexperienced gambling novice.

Of course, you are not required to play for real money when you visit the casino . If you just want to enjoy the surroundings with their glamorous atmosphere, have something to eat and drink and watch the games, you will also have a great and exciting time in the casino.





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