How to choose a laptop for college students - useful tips listed in this article will save you from the pointless conversations with consultants in the store and teach you to ask the right questions.

How to choose a good laptop for gaming and work

The first thing to decide is whether you plan to carry your laptop with you or whether it will be at home. If you are busy working remotely or studying remotely, the device will mostly be kept in place. In that case, we recommend that you still look at a full-fledged computer. If you compare a computer and a laptop purchased for the same price, the first will always be 1.5-2 times more powerful than the second. Portability is expensive, there is nothing you can do.

Those who are interested in how to choose a laptop for studies and games, you should pay attention to the fact that modern 3D-games with excellent graphics require a very powerful iron. The same can be said for people whose work is connected with 3D-modeling, graphic design, photo and video processing in professional programs. Equal in power laptop will always cost 2 times more expensive than a computer.

And even in laptops are impossible to fully replace components, such as CPU or graphics card. But the latter every 2-3 years hopelessly outdated. And of course for a desktop PC you can buy a monitor with any diagonal, even 56 inches (or more). Notebook with a display like this in any backpack, of course, does not fit.

How to choose a laptop for study or work

If compactness and portability are more important to you, let's look at how to choose a quality laptop for study. We will tell you what nuances you really need to pay attention to, and from which it is better to ignore (taking for a nobody necessary marketing from the manufacturer).

The screen

Many parents do not know which laptop is better to choose for school, desperately trying to understand the complex technical characteristics. In fact, it is enough for a young schoolchild to have a quality screen of normal size. The screen is important for students and for adult workers, because if it will be small or with a fuzzy image, no pleasure from work they will not get.

Also, the screens may be glossy or matte, but we recommend to choose the latter, they have less glare.


Let's continue to study how to choose a laptop for home and study - next we will focus on the processor. In modern laptops there are mainly Intel and AMD processors. The first are more popular, because until recently they were considered more optimal in terms of heating/power ratio, which is important for laptops. Today, however, AMD is in no way inferior to its main competitor.

Each brand offers many lines and models of processors and in the store you can get a little confused. So do not get bogged down, the main thing is the number of cores, threads and frequency - the higher these indicators, the more powerful the laptop. You can easily compare several models according to these indicators.

If you need a fairly powerful laptop, you plan to do work in complex programs related to the processing of photos or video, or you're an avid gamer, then immediately ask to show you a model with the latest generation processors, then just do not make a mistake.

If you need a laptop for light tasks - for home and school, explain the consultant that too fancy equipment you show you do not need. For this the most sophisticated and powerful processor is not needed.

We do not recommend to fixate too much on the technical characteristics of the last one. Throw in a search engine query "a table of modern processors" and study the selection, which has already been done for you. You only need to write out the options that suit you and show them to a consultant in the store.

The graphics card plays a big role for graphics display

Let's find out which laptop is best to choose for studying at the university, that is, for students. For coursework and dissertations, compiling projects and presentations, and, of course, for games, watching movies, listening to music.

Now it's time for the subtleties of choice of graphics card, which in most laptops is built. Due to the small amount of space inside the device, it is difficult to put a powerful video, but there are models with a separate (discrete) graphics card. The two major global brands in the field of discrete cards are Nvidia and AMD, where the first is the undisputed leader.

Here we also advise to choose iron last or penultimate generation (it will also be enough). Then it all depends on what games and on what settings you want to play, as well as the budget. This will determine the choice of model entry, middle or high class. For most tasks of work and study do not need a discrete card, but if you plan to engage in video editing, be sure to review the system requirements of your software.

RAM is important for the work laptop

Speaking about what to choose a laptop to study at the institute or to work after graduation, it is impossible not to mention the operating memory. The recommended amount of modern realities - from 4 GB for simple programs, media/audio, network surfing, from 8 GB for video games, from 16 GB for complex technical programs.

By the way, you can buy additional memory slots if you need them. The main thing that your notebook has a free slot to add memory, clarify this issue on the spot in the store, because from batch to batch configuration may vary.

Hard drive or SSD drive

This is the built-in memory of your laptop - this is where you save photos, videos, coursework, other documents from studies. This is where you keep your operating system, programs, and more.

HDDs are slower than SSDs but are cheaper. They are also afraid of hard knocks and even shakes. So if you plan to carry your laptop to school or work, it is better to pay attention to models with SSD drives. They are not afraid of a slight "bump" and work very fast, but they are more expensive.

The case

The size of the case depends on the diagonal of the display. As a rule the more expensive the computer is, the thinner and lighter it is and vice versa. However, a very powerful machine will a priori be in a thick shell, because there will need to implement a good cooling system, which requires additional space.

How to choose a brand?

Well, in conclusion, let's list the proven brands, in favor of which you can make the final choice of an inexpensive laptop for study or work (in order of preference in terms of quality):

  • Apple
  • Sony
  • Dell
  • HP
  • MSI
  • Asus
  • Acer
  • Lenovo

These are global brands, among which range you can choose a laptop for study or work for all tastes, colors and wallet. In general, they all produce laptops of good quality, which depends more on the price than the brand.

In short, that's all that most professionals advise, to choose a quality and inexpensive laptop computer. Now you'll know what criteria to choose a laptop for school, games or work. Well, then - go to the store, look and talk to consultants, but do not hurry to quickly make your choice.

Now you are a little bit savvy on the subject, and therefore do not let yourself be tempted to unjustified purchase. But we advise still at home to carefully study the range of large online stores and ask questions about the models that interest you on large forms.


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