Every player who spends a lot of time playing in gambling establishments, sooner or later faces the question of selecting a licensed online casino. This is not surprising, since the likelihood of cheating in such virtual gambling clubs is extremely low, and in case of any problems you can contact the supervisory authority. Having scored lumps playing in scripted gambling halls with tweaked RTP or encountering non-payment of winnings from gambling establishments, users are beginning to be more careful in choosing their leisure time.  Especially for such players, and we made a rating of the top licensed online casinos. This list includes only reliable, honest, trusted and best online casinos in the world that have proven their integrity for years.

What is a licensed online casino?
Licensed online casinos are gambling establishments online casino real money nz that have received a special document called a license. The license is issued by the gambling commissions of different countries. A casino licensed to operate legally in one of these countries is subject to the laws of that jurisdiction. In case a player suspects a gambling club of dishonesty, he can apply to the relevant commission, and try to defend his rights there. 

License - a permit to conduct activities in the field of gambling, issued by the state regulator (usually special governmental gambling commissions) the company owns an online casino. The conditions of issuing a license include checking the company's activities, checking the existence of contracts with suppliers of original software, payment of commissions, etc.
It should be noted that licenses differ in their value. Different jurisdictions impose different requirements on companies-owners of gambling establishments in order to legalize their activities, ranging from the most formal to a large-scale verification of the company's activities.  Let us list some countries issuing permits for the official operation of gambling halls on their territory in descending order of the number and severity of conditions, which the owners of gambling venues have to meet in order to obtain the right to conduct gambling in the territory of these countries. The higher the country is on the list, the higher the quality of its license.

United Kingdom
New Jersey (USA)
Belize and others.
Information about their license, as a rule, gambling sites place at the bottom of their website, as well as in the section "Terms and Conditions". You can check its validity on the very sites of gambling commissions, by entering the number listed on the casino website. 

As you may have noticed, there is no Russia and other post-Soviet countries in the list above. This is due to the fact that the organization of gambling is prohibited by law in these countries. Thus, there are no Russian virtual halls, there are only those adapted for players from Russia.

You can read more about online casino licenses in this article.

The advantages of licensed online casinos over unlicensed ones 
Licensed online casinos are a better choice compared fastest withdrawal online casino australia
to other virtual gaming clubs or portals. The reasons for this are simple. Unlike bona fide certified establishments, in fraudulent gambling clubs the player faces two main problems. Consider them in detail.

The first problem is the non-payment of winnings to the gambler. Suppose you are a novice player who decided to make a small deposit into a gaming portal, to try your luck in the slots, and in case of a big win to get rich. You were lucky enough to hit the jackpot of several million rubles, or even dollars, and you, anticipating the crunch of cash bills in your hands, made a withdrawal request. But unfortunately, reality often differs from our expectations. In a casino that is not under any control of the regulatory authorities, you essentially rely on the honest word of the owner, and it, as you know, is not always the case. Players of certified clubs, on the other hand, have the opportunity to appeal to a legitimate higher authority, and eventually get their winnings, especially if the license of the site is obtained in a reliable jurisdiction. 

The second problem is a tampered GSC. The so-called scripting casinos, which today dispersed a lot, allow the owners of the portal scroll the percentage return slots in their favor. As a result, instead of the expected 90-98% RTP you get 60-70% payoff, or even less. In official casinos there is no such problem - they use the original licensed software and use different methods of integrity control by the operator.

Do not forget that the game at online casinos is an entertainment that does not involve the player's profit. Play only with the money you can afford to lose.


Licensed slot machines
Licensed online casinos in Russia and in the world

Online casinos with a license use only certified games from the leading operators of the gambling industry. This means that at these sites you will not find homemade games or machines

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