EuroJackpot is a popular lottery. The rules for playing Eurojackpot apply both to tickets purchased online and to tickets purchased from official points of sale. The responsibility of the player is to familiarize himself with the rules and regulations of the game, more details at

General rules

Players must be of legal age to be eligible to purchase Eurojackpot tickets in their home country. The sale of lottery tickets to minors is prohibited. The minimum age to purchase lottery tickets in each participating country is 18 years of age.

It is up to the player to find out when the Eurojackpot ticket sales stop in their country. For a complete list of ticket sales stop times prior to Eurojackpot draws, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

A player who buys tickets online, when opening an account with an operator, agrees to the terms and conditions of the respective operator.

A player who purchases tickets online must ensure that all possible measures are taken to keep their account secure and up to date. You should not disclose passwords and banking information to anyone.

The player must update his account as soon as possible in case of any changes in data, such as payment method or address.

If a player buys a Eurojackpot ticket at a point of sale, he is responsible for keeping his ticket safe and sound. The ticket serves as proof of participation in the Eurojackpot draw.

A player who purchases a ticket at a point of sale must sign the back of their ticket to provide proof of ticket ownership.

A player purchasing Eurojackpot tickets at a point of sale is responsible for checking their ticket to ensure that the ticket is valid for the draw date they have chosen and does not contain any other errors, such as a damaged barcode or serial number. If the player finds any error in the ticket, he must return it to the point of sale and request the cancellation of the ticket.

A player who purchases a Eurojackpot ticket at a point of sale must check their ticket to see if they have won a prize. The player is responsible for claiming his winnings within the time limit set in the country in which the ticket was purchased.

A player can only claim an Eurojackpot prize if they are the rightful owner of the winning ticket, i.e. he paid for participation or received a ticket in good faith or as a gift.

The prize can only be claimed in the country in which the winning ticket was purchased. A list of lottery operators can be found on the How to Request page.

The winning numbers must be verified and approved by the lottery operator or its agent, such as an official point of sale, in the respective country, before the prize is paid out to the winner.

The player has specific deadlines for claiming a Eurojackpot prize, which depend on the country in which the ticket was purchased. The player must carefully follow the procedures for claiming a prize in their country, which may differ depending on the value of the prize won. Visit the "How to Request" page for more details.

Rules of the game

  • The player must choose five main numbers from 1 to 50.
  • The player must select two Euro numbers from 1 to 12.
  • The player must purchase his ticket before the ticket sales stop in his country before the start of the draw.
  • The jackpot has a limit of 120 million.
  • Draws are held on Tuesdays and Fridays at 21:00 ET.

Tips and Strategies to Win the EuroJackpot

If you find the EuroJackpot concept attractive and would like to give it a try, preparation is the key to success. By applying tips adapted to this game, you can customize your play style to maximize your chances of winning. Here are a few offers that could be successful at EuroJackpot

Try a lottery syndicate - You can create one with your friends or join the EuroJackpot syndicate online. The idea is identical - more players pool money to buy more tickets. Thanks to this, they have more chances to win, and the prize is divided in accordance with the agreement.

Choose lucky numbers based on numerology - You might not want to use the classic Quick Pick feature, and this option is a great alternative.

Listen to what your dreams are saying. This helps to discover hidden messages and create the best selection accordingly.

Go with your lucky horoscope numbers - If you believe that lucky numbers depend on your sign and the current positions of the stars. This may reveal the next lucky person, so don't miss out!

Use Lottery Systems - Many online lottery sites allow you to play a system instead of a regular lottery ticket. This ensures that you can fit more than five numbers into your base selection. This increases your chances of winning as well as the ticket price.

Power of Analysis – Players are interested in sitting down and analyzing previous plays. They look for the right combination based on statistics. Once they pick their numbers, it boosts their confidence and helps send a positive signal of victory to the universe. You can use lottery software to facilitate the analysis.

Strength of balance - Luck can be the deciding factor, but a balanced combination has a better chance of winning. You have never seen "1, 2, 3, 4, 5" as a winning choice for EuroJackpot. It is much better to combine low and high, as well as odd and even numbers.

Application of wheel systems - The main idea is to improve the coverage of preferred lottery numbers. The full wheel covers all combinations, while the key number and abbreviation are more accessible, but also less reliable. This is a commonly used strategy among EuroJackpot players.

Importance of Primary Hand - Many EuroJackpot fans have one default hand that they stick to in the long run. It can be a mixture of special dates and birthdays, or it can be chosen randomly. The idea is to stick with it, as the law of probability increases the chances of it dropping with each new session.


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