The drug test is one of those harsh realities that a lot of people need to face before joining a job. In America, more than 50% of employers now made drug test a mandatory step for all employees before joining the job. But it is really a bad thing for weed smokers.

If you are one of them who is a weed smoker and recently cracked a job interview and has a drug test in 24 hours, this article is meant for you. You are not alone who needs to pass a drug test in 24 hours by hook or crook!

Today, we are going to discuss all the best homemade remedies to pass a drug test. In order to follow these remedies, you do not even need anything highly-priced or travel for miles. All the mentioned ingredients are easily available as well as cost-effective. So, without further ado, let’s start to read.

What is the drug test? And its types

A drug test is all about testing your body to check whether you are taking illicit substances or not. Mainly there are some illicit substances that not only ruin your health but also lower your productivity. Nowadays, a lot of employers arrange drug tests before hiring a person.

Mainly there are 6 types of drug tests such as urine, oral, blood, perspiration, and breathalyzers. Among all these, urine and saliva tests are known as common drug test types that a lot of people face before joining a job.

Homemade remedies to pass a drug test

  • Try the Certo method with sure jell pectin

When it comes to passing a drug test with home remedies, we should start with the Certo method. Certo sure jell pectin is a highly available product in the market. You can use it in order to detox THC. It will help you to remove the drug toxins from your body. It is not that it will permanently remove the toxins from the body but temporarily it will give you relief and help to pass the drug test.

Certo sure jell pectin will help to detox weed just by impacting the solubility of THC. THC is mainly stored in body fat.

  • Does Certo work for heavy smokers?

Yes, it works. You may be a regular smoker yet it will help you to pass the drug test. But the Certo method will last only for three to four hours. So, it will be better if you calculate the best time and use it accordingly.

  • How to pass a saliva drug test home remedy?

When it comes to passing a saliva drug test, you should start with real good brushing and washing your mouth with a 3% peroxide mouth wash. You will easily get it in a chemist shop or a grocery shop.

  • Drink lots of water

You may not know which kind of test you are going to face, it will be better if you take proper preparation and appear there with full-on confidence. One of the common yet powerful home remedies to pass a drug test is drinking gallons of water. You should drink 64 ounces of water with a little salt added. If you do not add salt, you can feel weak i.e. water intoxication. So, it will be better if you add salt and keep the electrolytes there.

  • Avoid exercise and stress

According to research, exercise can add the amount of THC to your urine. So, it will be better if you skip it for a day. Along with avoiding exercise, you should not also take any stress. Stress can also add a THC amount to your body.

These are the best and easy guaranteed pass drug test home remedies that anyone can try. If you can know the drug test date a week before if you do not consume anything illicit within that time span. You can try these mentioned ways without any doubt. These are natural ways and do not cause any harm to the body. Too much water drinking may make you weak for a while but you will be alright after one to two hours.


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