Infrared energy is an emission energy that spreads in the form of electromagnetic waves. Premises heating with this method is to use the ability to reflect, refract, focus and absorb heat using infrared radiation. However, the coolant is not air, as in the case of convection heating, but all surfaces in the room (walls, ceiling, floor), as well as objects and people in it. Read more about infrared heating in the article below.

What are the advantages of using infrared heating?
In traditional convection heating with radiators, the coolant is air. When heated, it goes up where cooled and lowers. Thanks to such circulation, the air is always warmer under the ceiling and cooler above the floor, which is associated with the effect of "cold legs". The temperature difference between the upper and lower layer of air can reach 10 ° C. otherwise it is the case with infrared heating. In this case, the air temperature indoors is not much different (deviation of about 2 ° C), since the heat source is all solid particles falling into the radiation range.

A comparison of temperature distribution is unambiguous in favor of infrared heating. In addition, the use of panels and radiators almost completely reduces air circulation, which helps to reduce the amount of dust circulating in the air. This is a hygienic solution recommended for people suffering from allergies.

Infrared radiation additionally negatively jonits air, which does not dry over, positively affecting well-being and psychophysical state. Due to the fact that it is mainly absorbed by the construction partitions, which preserves them in heat and dryness, it prevents the growth of fungus and mold.

Infrared heaters
The most popular infrared heater is the panels that can be independently installed anywhere on the ceiling or wall. Each panel consists of a base, a screen, reflecting radiation, heating element, controller, tempered glass and frame. Interesting is the fact that, at the request of the customer, any image can be placed on the glass or printed with the selected texture.

In addition to panels, you can use warm floors, that is, infrared heating mats, which are used under all types of floors, incl. Wooden, laminated and MDF. For their operation, it is necessary to properly prepare an electrical installation.

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