3 chances to win with the new "3 in 1"

After the renewal of Cash last month, FDJ launches this time a new ticket called The 3 in 1 at the price of 3€. The concept? Three games offered on a single ticket, which makes it possible to prolong the suspense and to accumulate possible winnings! In the end, the game is quite similar to the great successes of the FDJ such as Cash or Jackpot: to scratch, a grid with several numbers and an area with your winning numbers. The difference with the other games of the illiko range? The possibility to win in different ways with your grid of scratch off numbers.

Cash or Jackpot scratching

How to win with the new illiko 3 in 1 game?

Like a Cash, first scratch the area showing your winning numbers. Then scratch the number grid to see if you find your winning numbers. This is the first way to win a prize, in a very classic way for a La Française des Jeux scratch card game. By the way, the online version of the game is already available in the best casino website in India.

The other two ways to win in the 3 in 1 game are new. For example, if you find 3 numbers higher than 30 in your grid, then you win a fixed sum of 20€. The last game is to find a clover symbol in the number grid. If you do, you win the amount of money indicated under the number where your lucky clover is!

In the end, it is possible to win up to €30,000 by scratching a 3 in 1 ticket, which is quite a classic prize for an illiko game sold for €3. To find all the information (table of prizes and winning probabilities) of this new scratch card, go to the 3 in 1 game sheet.

Cash or Jackpot scratching

A new colorful design for the 3 in 1 scratch card game

Note that FDJ dares a colorful design for this new scratch card game. The colors chosen, rather "fluorescent", attract the eye and are not usual for a scratch card from La Française des Jeux. A fresh wind for the graphics of this new ticket! And you, what do you think of this new ticket? Don't hesitate to share your opinion in the comments of this article. Enjoy the game.


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