Dr. Karen Litzy
Care That Comes Home

Frequently Asked Questions


1.Do you take insurance?

Because of the nature of my business (traveling to the home and office and spending an hour or more with my clients) I do NOT take insurance and am considered an out-of-network provider with ALL insurance companies. If you have out-of-network benefits with your health insurance I will provide you will all of the documentation needed to turn into your insurance company for reimbursement.  Therefore payment is due at the time of service.   

Karen Litzy Physical Therapy, PLLC is not a Medicare Provider, so law prevents us from providing Medicare patients with what would be considered “normally covered services.” If you are a Medicare beneficiary and would still like to request treatment or have questions, please call us at (347) 565-KLPT (5578).

2.How do I know if I have out of network benefits?

This is easy! All you have to do is call your insurance company and ask them if your plan includes out of network benefits. If you do have out of network benefits ask your insurance company the following questions:

  •  Do I have an out of network deductible?
  • Have I met my deductible for the year? If not how far away am I from meeting the deductible?
  • Is there paperwork that must be filled out when submitting the out of network claims? If so do you provide that paperwork?
  • Do I need to be pre-certified for physical therapy sessions in order to receive reimbursement?

3.What areas of New York do you travel to?

I treat patients that live/work in Manhattan from 125th Street and south to the tip of Manhattan. I also travel to Brooklyn, one stop in Clark Street) on the 2/3 train in Brooklyn Heights.

4.What type of space do I need for treatment?

The session requires a quiet, private space for treatment. Depending on the diagnosis you will need enough room that you can lie down comfortably.

5.What do you bring with you when you are traveling to see your clients?

I do NOT travel with a massage table. It is too difficult to navigate through the city with a table. I will bring bands and other small equipment when necessary.