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My Journey with Chronic Pain: Part 5

If you missed part one, two, three or four be sure to check them out as this is a continuing story. Now on to part five!

Over the next few months I continued to learn more about pain and move more in my daily life.

At this point I had a deep and very personal understanding that pain does not equal tissue damage and tissue damage does not equal pain. Some examples of this are:

  • We have all had that bruise on our leg that we didn’t even know was there…this is clear tissue damage yet no pain.

  • We could take a back MRI of 20 people off the street and many would have some sort of changes: herniated discs, arthritis yet you have no pain.

  • Sunburn (hear me out here)…Yes when you have a sunburn the skin is damaged from the burn. But, when you take a shower it really hurts but you are not causing further damage from the shower. I hope that makes sense.

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